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Invite your team and watch 4k video together in perfect sync. The built-in teleconferencing gets the conversation going and the powerful marker toolkit helps you capture good ideas before they get lost. From film school project to the next blockbuster movie, Spotterfish is the go-to place for creative collaboration and review for any type of video project.

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Create, review, and approve like you're together in the same room 

Work with your team and clients like you’re in the same room. Watch 4K video together in perfect sync. Comment and add markers in a shared timeline. Spotterfish comes with a marker panel optimized for music, ADR, foley and more.

Frame-accurate workflow

Collect feedback on the same content - down to a single frame. Spotterfish offers frame-accurate playback, stills and transport controls for everyone in the room.

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5-HPanel_NEW 828x575_markerpanel.jpg

Share your session for accelerated workflow

Hand the controls to anyone in the room. No more “back a frame, no I mean two frames” when the team members can be given control and drop markers themselves.

Moderator tools keep you in control

Spotterfish’s light switch allows moderators to instantly swap between focusing on the movie or the video chat discussion. The transport and marker toolkit is assignable to only moderators or all attendees. Mute all and tab to talk make managing large teams a breeze.


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Bring comments into your project

Spotterfish’s marker and comments tools are optimized for ADR/audio work. When the session is over, export the markers and comments and import them right back into your editing software or DAW.

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Try mixes in realtime and keep all versions

Spotterfish can play one video stream and three audio streams in perfect sync. Try new levels, upload new versions of dialog, music or FX and try out together. Keep all versions of your project in Spotterfish for instant recall.

HPanel_NEW 828x575_editproject.jpg
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Your work is secure with us

Share your work with your team, but nobody else! Spotterfish offers secure and reliable storage and sharing features using Google’s Firebase technology for storage, authentication, and invitation. The screening room’s owner has full control over which users are allowed into the session. The enterprise plan offers additional levels of security with additional encryption keys, PIN code invites, and more. Read more about security.

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Trusted by Hollywood, open for you

Spotterfish is in daily use by the world’s leading studios, game developers, and streaming services and you can join too! For free! Your very own 2 seat screening room with all the features is completely free.

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Works with all popular DAWs & Editors


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"Pure genius… a game changer! Spotterfish has opened a new way of collaborating online for me. It’s my go-to when doing remote spotting sessions with directors, producers and editors."


– Uno Helmerssonfilm composer


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