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Spotterfish screening room

Invite people and watch 4k videos like you’re in a real theater together. Integrated video chat gets the conversation going. Get approvals on every nuance of your work

Spotterfish’s Syncstream™ technology ensures no latency for up to 20 seatholders. The shared transport lets others take over when needed.

 A fast and flexible marker toolkit enables detailed note-taking. When you’re ready to edit, export your marker list for import into all leading NLEs and DAWs.

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Team members watch, listen, and add markers online. Keep track of all versions of your mix and video edits. Export lists as marker files for all popular Digital Audio Workstations and Editors. Turn wasted time into creative time.

Create, review, and approve like you're together in the same room 

Streams with frame accuracy for all users simultaneously

Make review and approval a snap with integrated video chat. Make changes in real time. No more waiting for feedback.

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High quality streaming gets you in the creative mood

High fidelity audio and video create a theater-like experience. Spotterfish even supports 4K, 5.1 and 7.1.

Moderator tools keep you in control

Spotterfish’s light switch allows moderators to instantly swap between focusing on the movie or the video chat discussion. The transport and marker toolkit is assignable to only moderators or all attendees. Mute all and tab to talk make managing large teams a breeze.

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Shared editing dramatically accelerates workflow

Pass the transport control to team members at any time to quickly find the perfect frame and set markers.

Export your marker list to all major platforms 

Keep track of all versions of your mix, and of the movie edits. Export lists as marker files for all popular Digital Audio Workstations and Editors including Avid, ProTools, Adobe, Apple Logic and more.

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Spotterfish plays back one video file and three audio stems simultaneously

Create unlimited versions of your project and quickly switch between them.

We are serious about security

All files and data are hosted on Google protected servers and secured by GoogleFirebase authentication. Multi-factor authentication and invitation system ensure security, as does watermarking per user. Spotterfish also works behind your corporate firewall.

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Say goodbye to complex installations

Entirely cloud based, Spotterfish is easy to setup. No software installs, no hardware, and new features pushed automatically. Finally, no more endless tweaking of gear.

Works with all popular DAWs & Editors

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"Pure genius… a game changer! Spotterfish has opened a new way of collaborating online for me. It’s my go-to when doing remote spotting sessions with directors, producers and editors."


– Uno Helmerssonfilm composer


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