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Collaboration is the very essence of the art of film and video making. Spotterfish grew out of a need to collaborate with team members regardless of their physical location. Tired of long commutes for brief screening sessions and frustrated with attempts at repurposing regular video conferencing solutions to work for joint spotting sessions, Spotterfish co-founder Martin Sandström Rimsbo found himself in dire need and out of options. So he innovated.


Spotterfish was designed for joint spotting sessions where creative teams can view high-quality video in perfect sync and discuss and comment on the material using built-in teleconferencing and purpose-built marker and commenting tools.


Completely free, Spotterfish allows anyone from passionate YouTubers to big-ticket studios to quickly set up their own secure screening room. Our users today range from small production teams and film schools to some of the world’s leading movie studios and streaming networks.


Spotterfish is a Swedish company with offices in Stockholm and San Francisco.

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