Frequently asked questions

What is an Alpha version

This is an unfinished pre-lease feature set that is part of our testing process, and should not be considered a finished product. Please use it, test it and give us feedback on how it works. If you find any issues with it, please do not post on forums etc, but talk to us directly.

Can I use this Alpha feature in production?

Yes, but at your own risk. At the alpha stage of the development process we do not offer quick support on alpha features, unless specifically granted to you personally.

Where do I send my feedback?

Join us on Discord or send an email to with topic starting with ALPHA.

Why is there a flashing star/asterisk on top of my video sometimes?

This message is shown whenever the player is trying to find perfect sync with the incoming timecode. Usually, for most people the sync is "good enough" even when outside of the exact sync we strive for, but this is shown so you can rest assured that anytime it does not show we are in 100% sync.