Spot together in real time

  • Real time spotting session for all team members

  • Create multiple versions of projects
  • Unlimited marker sessions
  • Search marker lists
  • Export markers to all popular DAWs and Editors

Make review and approval a snap with integrated video chat

  • Screening rooms available with 2, 5, 10 and 20 seats
  • High fidelity integrated video conferencing
  • Ultra-low latency for close collaboration
  • On-screen text chat to add time stamped comments

Share editing controls

  • Shared transport editing controls

  • All users can drop and edit markers

  • Full featured marker panel

  • Instantly switch between multiple projects

Easy to use

  • Entirely cloud based with no software installation of any kind

  • No expensive and complicated hardware setups

  • Built in help and chat with Spotterfish support

  • Purchase multiple screening rooms, each with the same or different members

Robust security

  • Cloud Security: All files and data are hosted on Google protected servers and secured by Google Firebase authentication.

  • Encryption: All files are encrypted at rest and communications between servers and between server and client are always encrypted by TLS/SSL.

  • Safeguarding data: All interactions with Spotterfish servers use SSL/HTTPS. All user data is encrypted using AES-256 bit key encryption.

  • Vulnerability testing: Spotterfish regularly employs penetration testers for security scannings.

  • View full security statement

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