July 31, 2020: Spotterfish Update v.1.0.1


  • Enhanced screening room security


Bug fixes

  • Updates to Spotterfish client 

  • Updates Spotterfish backend for improved maintenance and uptime

July 27, 2020: Spotterfish Major Update v.1.0

This update focuses on improving the user experience in large screening rooms.



  • Feature: Light switch: focus on watching the movie together or focus on talking. The new light switch lets you flip between two modes. Don't worry, you can still talk while watching the movie.

  • Feature: Help people with slower internet connections join. Spotterfish uses much less bandwidth for sessions with many people and gently downgrades video chat quality if needed.

  • Feature: Snappier and more satisfying user experience. Browser code has been optimized to use significantly less CPU and GPU.

  • Feature: Easier to understand what's going on when movie playback is buffering. Better messages on buffering and when skipping to another position in the movie.

  • Feature: improved layouts of screening room sessions so you can see the movie properly, even with many people in the session.

Bug fixes

  • More reliable upload of many files to a project.

  • Fixed problem where markers were drawn incorrectly when first entering screening room.

  • Fixed problem when time code stopped updating.

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