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Where are Spotterfish files stored and are they secure?

All files and data are hosted on Google protected servers and secured by Google Firebase authentication. Files are stored using firebase security which ensures that each file may only be accessed by the owner, or people she has granted access to.

How are users authenticated when given access? Is the invitation a link? If so what happens when that link is further forwarded on to other recipients? Is it only usable by the original recipient?

An invitation is always tied to a specific email address, and can only be used to register an account with that same email address. If another person obtains the same link after the initial account has been created they would not be able to use it. An invitation is always personal.
The invitation link itself includes an AES256 encrypted string containing the screening room ID and the invited user’s email address.
A user that has previously not registered with Spotterfish will be asked to provide their own password, and this will create a new guest account with the included email & chosen password. (A user can never create an account with a different email address than the exact one included in the encrypted string.)
A user that has previously registered with Spotterfish will be sent to the login page to sign in with their previously chosen password.
If the user has been assigned a seat in the screening room provided in the link they will be allowed to enter. If access has been revoked/they do not have access to the room they will be notified and then logged out of the system. On a more technical level, this is handled by database access rules that only permit a user who is listed as “seated” in the screening room to access the database object.

Can the invitations be revoked?

Yes, a moderator of a screening room has full control of who is allowed in each room at any time, and only users who are currently invited to or has a seat in a screening room are allowed to enter it. If one has sent an invitation to a new user and then revokes their access to the screening room before they click the link, they will be able to register a new guest account but they will not be able to enter the room (they will be notified and logged out after registration). If a user is currently inside a Screening Room and access is revoked, they will be removed from the session immediately.

Can actions on the file (e.g. download) be manipulated/controlled by the owner?

A file is always in full control of the owner and can be viewed by other users only in the context of a screening room, where the owner who is also a moderator of the room has chosen to load the file for review. No users can download files: once uploaded, they can only be viewed from within the screening room.

Is there a logging of user activity?

Spotterfish uses google analytics with custom events and do logging when a user logs in and logs out of a screening room, we also store info about markers dropped and chat messages sent.

Are my files encrypted?

Yes, all transfers and stored files are encrypted:

  • All files are AES encrypted at rest
  • All communications between servers and client->servers use TLS/SSL
  • Communication between peers is also encrypted (SRTP,DTLS)

Is 2-factor authorization used for user sign-in?

Yes. Room owners can also request that each and every room requires 2-factor authorization upon entering, even if a user is currently logged in to a room.

What optional security upgrades do you offer?

  • Level 1 (Included): Requires email and password to log in to account.
  • Level 2 (Optional): Requires 2-Factor Authentication, Email verification, Standard Auth + Pin code sent to registered phone before entering the room. The user needs to be logged in recently (within the last 40 minutes) before entering the room.
  • Level 3 (Optional): Requires level 2 plus a new pin code (sent via mobile phone) each time a moderator switches video projects
  • Level 4 (Optional): Customer supplied encryption key support. Disable sharable room link


What is Spotterfish?

Spotterfish virtual screening rooms allow media production teams to create, review and approve projects from anywhere in real time like they are together in the same room. Spotterfish is located in Stockholm and San Francisco.. You can try it for 1 month free, and no credit card required. Sign up here.

What are the Spotterfish pricing plans?

We offer the following monthly subscription plans for your private Spotterfish screening room: • 2 seats: $49 • 5 seats: $99 • 10 seats: $49 • 20 seats, enterprise security: please contact us here. Sign up for your own screening room here.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Contact us here

What are the newest features of Spotterfish?

We are continually adding new features and improviing the user experience. Please see our release notes for our latest version and learn about exciting new features and fixes.

How can I contact you?

Chat wirh ua on our home page, or mail us here

What's the video and sound quality of Spotterfish?

Spotterfish plays up to 4k video, and 48kHz 24 bit .wav file with surround audio. One video file and up to 3 audio files can be played back simultaniously.

I've got a 10 seat room and everyone's talking all at once. How do I manage them?

Moderators can use the "mute all" button in the moderator panel. Once pressed, the moderator cannnot "unmute" them. Each user can choose to unmute themselves by a) clicking the "mic" button on the uper right, or b) momentarily holding the "tab" key on their computer keyboard. Releasing the tab key mutes the mic again.


What web browsers work with Spotterfish?

Spotterfish requires Google Chrome. You will be asked to permit the mic and camera to use Spotterfish when you log in for the frst time. Once you've done so, you won't be asked again and will enter the screening room instantly

How do I join a project I’ve been invited to?

You will receive an email from inviting you to join a colleague’s project. If you are using Spotterfish for the first time, you will be prompted to create an account with your email address and password. You will then be directed to the Spotterfish screening room and can begin to collaborate with your team members.
If you have previously signed in to other projects, the unique button link will take you directly into the project screening room you’ve been invited to join. Alternately, you can access all projects you’ve been invited to or have created yourself from your Dashboard.

How do I start my own project and invite others?

If you are a first time user, sign up for a free account at Once your account is set up, you will be directed to your Spotterfish Dashboard. This is where you'll upload files, and enter your screening room. To invite peeple, yuo must be a moderator of the room. Click the "Moderator" panel, and then the "People" panel. You can now invite people by a) inviting them via email, or b) copying and sharing the room link. In the latter case, moderators will hear a doorbell ring and have the option to admit or reject the user.

What if I want to register a different email address than the one that my invitation link to join a project was sent to?

For security reasons you can not register a different email address than the one the invitation link was sent to when signing up for a project. If there is an issue, the user can: a.) Ask the project moderator for a new invite link sent to your registered email address, once clicked you will be logged in automatically. b.) Sign out of the created account, click the link again and create a new user using the same email address as the one the link was sent to.

What file format is required?

Spotterfish requires h264 encoded file with the ending .mp4. We recommend 1080p, which is the same as Vimeo and other video services has as their highest quality. Spotterfish plays back up to 4k video. 5.1 and 7.1 surround are supported as well. For audio only, Spotterfish accepts .WAV and .MP3 files, and can play three back simultaniously.

My audio and/or video isn't working

Make sure that all Google Chrome audio and video settings are correct by cllcking the Bathroom Mirror button and going through the sequence of system checks.

Can Spotterfish playback multiple files simultaniously?

Yes, Spotterfish can play one video and three audio files at the same time.

How do I invite guests to my Screening Room?

Click the Crown, click Invite, and enter their email address.

How do I manage a large team with all the video chat and media running?

Spotterfish's new Light Switch let's you toggle between watching the movie (with audio chat) or focusing on the video discussion.

What about 5.1, 7.1 and Dolby Atmos support?

5.1 and 7.1 are fully supported at this time. Atmos will be supported when the Google Chrome browser can playback Atmos files. The sound/room setup it is generally such that if you have a 5.1 or 7.1 compatible sound system connected to the computer running Chrome, Spotterfish will detect the audio connection specifics automatically and and play back in surround if the source is surround.

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